Three of Wands

Three of Wands tarot card

The Three of Wands is a Minor Arcana card in the Tarot, radiating energy of movement, growth and freedom. Associated with the element of fire and the number three, this card represents the path we travel, the adventures we experience, and the growth that results from our efforts.

On the Three of Wands card, in the center of the scene is a figure standing between three blossoming wands. These wands are like a symbol of movement and growth. The background of the map is vivid and bright, emphasizing the dynamism and freedom of travel. The man is leaning on one staff and looking at the ships in the distance.

The Three of Wands brings with it the energy of fire, evoking movement and initiative. Fire symbolizes passion and inspiration, which are the engine of our growth and success.

The number three is associated with trinity and balance. The Three of Wands represents development and growth through balancing the physical, mental and spiritual dimensions of life.

The card emphasizes the freedom and adventure that comes with travel. This is not just about physical movement, but also a journey of the mind and soul. The Three of Wands can be interpreted as the energy of creativity that keeps us moving. It is the light in our projects and ideas that drives us forward.

Mystically, the card reveals the growth that comes through the journey. Adventures and new experiences create conditions for development and expansion of consciousness. Three of Wands affirms its connection with the number three, which can be interpreted as a connection with time – past, present and future. This symbol offers an opportunity to view life as a complete and continuous story.

Let’s look at what messages the card carries both upright and reversed.


The Three of Wands in an upright position suggests moving forward in relationships. A state of mutual respect and self-belief can lead to successful relationships. If you are looking for love, the energy of this card can lead you to exciting new acquaintances.

Reversed the Three of Wands can hint at difficulties in relationships or a lack of clarity in the relationship. You may feel uncertain about the future of the relationship or feel constrained by routine and predictability.


The Three of Wands represents opportunities for development and success. Travel abroad, business expansions and hard work pay off. Growth and expanding your horizons are key to achieving your professional goals.

Reversed the Three of Wands can highlight obstacles or delays in career growth. You may face challenges in expanding your business or traveling abroad.


The Three of Wands advises to be open to new challenges and to have faith in your own abilities. Successful and exciting prospects lie ahead, but it is important to maintain a balanced and realistic approach.

The advice of the reversed Three of Wands is to rethink your goals and concentrate on the specific problems. You may need to revise your goals and take more realistic steps.


The day indicated by the Three of Wands is filled with energy and possibilities. This is a time to stand up with confidence and take the initiative. Start a new project, plan future trips, or engage in an activity that gives you a sense of freedom and joy.

Reversed the Three of Wands warns that the day may be more worrying and demanding. It is important to face challenges with confidence and not underestimate your strength.


The card can indicate a time when your hard work and pursuit of new experiences have been rewarded with success. This period has left you with self-confidence and faith in your abilities.

Reversed, it may reflect a period in the past of ambiguities and questions in life. You may have experienced difficulties that have slowed you down.


Three of Wands in upright position predicts successful and inspiring prospects in the future. Your path is open to adventure, and you are on the right track to achieving your desired goals.

The Three of Wands reversed can portend temporary difficulties or a delay in achieving your goals. It is important to remain realistic and focus your efforts on overcoming obstacles.

The Three of Wands in the Tarot is a card that emphasizes the energy of travel and freedom. She reminds us that growth and success come from our efforts to move forward and embrace life’s adventures. This card gives us the key to the light of the fire that sustains our passion and forms the path to new horizons and possibilities.